Saturday, December 05, 2015


Yeah, today's experiment was not a wow. I started with a piece of very red fabric to which I ironed a freezer paper stencil. Then I applied yellow acrylic paint with a little natural sponge. After the paint dried I pulled off the freezer paper. T

Pretty blah, even after adding a little purple to the unsponged areas.

So I sponged some orange acrylic over the whole thing and decided to leave well enough alone.

The color is pretty, but it's not very interesting or exciting. But neither is it ugly and could be a useful technique in something. So it's an "eh". Not bad, not great.

The best thing I did in the studio today was a little cleanup. When I'm in the middle of the assembly portion of a piece things get pretty messy, but this mess was getting to me.

Thirty minutes worth of gathering up the jumble of fabrics everywhere and putting supplies away and then sweeping the floor did wonders for my sense of peace and order. The fabric is all still out there to use, just tidied up.

You might be able to see in the photo above that I started adding black outlines to part of the Quito quilt. I was going to wait until all the top was assembled before I started painting, but I was having a little wobbly moment of doubt and decided I needed to know if that was really going to be right before I could continue.

Whew. I think it really does make sense. So, it's onward.



  1. I think it's looking wonderful.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiments Terry. I like the first stage of your painting because of it's graphic feel. The second might be a candidate for cutting up and putting into another project. Your town scene is looking good!

  3. I like everything about this post. The experiment, the Quito quilt, and the clean-up! Sometimes it makes a huge difference to contain the chaos a bit before proceeding.

  4. It's been fun to follow your progress on the Quito quilt, and I love seeing your daily surface design experiments!