Thursday, December 31, 2015

The last day of the year

I had plans to get a lot done today—put away Christmas gifts, do some work in the studio, start the laundry that was overflowing the hamper—finish this year with a sense of accomplishment. Then the power went out. I suspect a tree fell into the lines up the hill. The wind is fierce today and there have been several reports of falling trees. No electricity, no lights, not conducive to my planned tasks. Instead we did a grocery run and took a nap! The power came back this afternoon and I started the laundry and went to the studio just long enough to photograph my most recent experiments.

Awhile back I won this small gel printing plate and had yet to really check it out. It is an interesting texture, quite a lot like gummy candy, but more durable, more like those window ornaments that stick to glass. You apply paint to it, create design or texture, lay your cloth on top and burnish it (I use a spoon) and the design transfers to the cloth. The plate is easily washed and ready to be used again.

I painted it with green paint and then pressed one of my wooden printing blocks into the paint, then put the fabric down.


My paint was too watery and didn't clearly hold the block pattern, but it's rather interesting anyway. Then, since my bock was covered with paint, I stamped it onto a piece of fabric. Yes, too watery there too.


I thought the watery beading of the paint was an interesting pattern in itself, so tried one where I just muddled some paint and water around on the plate, then printed it.


I like it. Subtle.

Then I played around with creating some additional patterns, mostly fairly subtle. Textures.


So, another year has come and gone. Hope it's been a good one for you—kind of a mixed bag here, though some great moments and good times with good people. Have a happy new year and be careful out there!



  1. Happy New Year! Interesting results and I do like the tone on tone effect. I have yet to try out my gelli, but once it gets warm enough to walk across the yard to the studio, I might. I am so lazy when faced with walking 25 feet in this weather. :) Wishing you a creative and fun filled new year!

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Happy New Year to you too. I'm looking forward to more of your interesting,informative,creative and always wonderful writings. And I thank you for putting yourself out "there" for our enjoyment. Julie