Thursday, December 03, 2015

Well that was fun!

Another experiment. "Enough," I said, "with that wimpy oh-so-subtle acrylic medium." And I dug out the black paint. I picked a nice earthy orange and started outlining some sinuous lines and circles, or as I came to see them, vines and berries, or seaweed and bubbles, or....? When the paint had dried I painted some Decolourant inside the shapes, let it do its bleachy thing under the heat gun and washed it out. Once dry I added a little color to the bleached areas. Then it seemed to need something more, so I dotted black paint, using my metal tipped squeeze bottle.


I kind of like that you don't get a smooth paint line with the squeeze bottle. The blobbiness of that paint line appeals to me.



  1. Looks very much like your style!

  2. Pick up some Soft Scrub with Bleach and try it on your fabric. Works very similarly.

  3. I like this! Looks like seaweed on Venus. :-)