Thursday, December 17, 2015

Magazine collage transfer

The last sample I made, you'll remember, was the little flower bouquet transfer I made using fusible web. I wondered how it would work to use a variety of magazine images to create a transfer collage. I laid out my collage on top of a silicon ironing sheet.

Then I carefully put a piece of fusible web on top of it and then my fabric on top of that and pressed with a hot iron. When it had cooled, I spritzed the paper with water and carefully peeled and peeled and rubbed the wet paper old, leaving the collaged ink image fused to the fabric.

The technique worked, but this particular image is pretty disappointing. All the color vibrancy is lost and the torn paper sky just looks messy. But I still think the idea has possibilities. I think the technique lends itself to more subtle images that you want to look aged or weathered.



  1. While it no longer has the original vibrancy, I feel there is almost surreal eeriness to the fused transfer image. It makes me think "it was a dark and stormy night..."

  2. I agree about the possibilities - high contrast (or at least, strong definition) -- also might work for a grunge look. Must make an appointment with my magazines soon.