Saturday, December 12, 2015

Photo transfer experiment

OK, I'm officially done with playing around with the deColourent. Onward to other things. I'm not sure if I've seen this done before, or if I dreamed it, but I decided to try transferring a photo from a magazine page onto fabric using fusible web. First I found a little photo of a bouquet of flowers in a Sunset magazine and roughly cut it out.

Then I cut a little scrap of fusible web the same size and placed my photo, facedown onto my fabric with the fusible between the photo and the fabric and fused it well, with a hot iron. When it was cool, I spritzed the adhered paper with water, let it soak in a little, then started carefully rolling the wet paper off with my thumb, which left the ink image imbedded on the fusible stuck to the fabric. Cool!

It's kind of an antique-y look. The fabric is a little stiff and plastic-y and I think I'd have to be pretty careful not to iron this, but it is pretty great looking. I need to try some variations on this for sure.
Another incredibly rainy day today. Our creek is not overflowing its banks yet, but very high and moving swiftly.

It is so darned dark, even in the middle of the day. I will be glad to get past the solstice and have the light start returning. My solar powered watch keeps stopping, which is really unusual. It usually doesn't take much light to keep it charged. I'm not sure I've ever felt so happy to get the Christmas tree and lights up and going. They really do add some cheer to the gloom. My decorating helpers add even more.

Music helps too...



  1. That's a neat trick with the photo. You can also paint on the fusible web, then fuse that to the fabric. Works great.

  2. Really nice Christmas Tree Helpers"!

  3. You are always tempting with you "what would happen if I..." thank you.
    Sally Parrish
    (I'm in Southern Cal where we would like some of your rain...not alot, just some)