Friday, August 11, 2006

Headed for the Emerald City

No, not this Emerald City. . .

this Emerald City.

Our small group is going to Seattle for the weekend for the APNQ (Association of Pacific NW Quilters) Show. It is held every other year and we have gone to the last 3. We take the train and always have a wonderful time. This year we have a new member. Gerrie will be going with us so I'm sure she will have plenty to report back when we get home.

I have two pieces that were juried into the show, The Weaver and Judith's Garden. I will be sure to take pictures and give you a rundown on the show when we return.


  1. Your portraits are very lovely. Hope they do well in the show for you! I am a big fan of portraiture in quilting.

  2. I envy you going to Seattle. I had a lovely time when I was there in 2000. Perhaps one day I'll come back! Hope you have a great time and do well.

  3. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Seattle is a place that is right on the top of my list(along with Portland. I try to bring these two places up every time there's discussion of trips. Someday I'll get there. Your two pieces are so wonderful-I had never seen "Judith's Garden" before- it's lovely. Hope you are having fun and say Hi to Gerrie for me.

  4. Terry, I was putting together a post today for my blog, and noticed that as I added my favorite quilt to my post, there in the corner was Terry and Gerrie :-)

    It was great to be able to meet you and Gerrie in person.