Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend in Seattle

I could almost not write about our weekend, but instead send you to other people's blogs. Gerrie posted pictures from the train and the view from our room. Melissa posted a picture on her blog of the "Best of Show" quilt "Kitty corner" by Portlander, Janet Fogg. As it happens, Gerrie and I are in her photo, looking at the quilt. We got to meet both Melissa and another blogger, Nikki, at the show. What a small world it truly is.

Our group always goes to this show to see the show, to enjoy being in Seattle and to enjoy being together. We have yet to be disappointed. Our train arrived later than expected so we hurried to the hotel and then out for a wonderful dinner at the Mediterranean Kitchen, a restaurant we discovered two years ago when we made the same trip.

We stepped out of the restaurant into the balmy Seattle night and were struck by the dramatic sight of the lighted Space Needle. Everyone grabbed cameras and did their best to capture the essence of that beautiful evening.

Later I'll post quilt pictures and tell you a little about the show.

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  1. Hurry, Terry, post those pictures! I can hardly wait to see more. I posted a comment on Gerrie's blog explaining that this is the first APNQ show I have missed since I started going in 1996. I've always found it to be an outstanding regional show. Del