Sunday, March 11, 2012

A good day

Today was a day to just get to some things. Get them taken care of.

First thing I did was clean out the refrigerator. Ugh. Why do I let my refrig get so icky? Probably because I just hate the job of pulling everything out and deciding what is worth keeping. If you let it go long enough, there is little doubt! No photos. Count yourselves lucky.

Next I photographed my entry for the "Rituals" invitational.  This is "Friendship Ritual".

This commemorates my yearly ritual of designing, making and sending Valentines. I described the stitched pattern connecting all these hearts as a network of connection that becomes more important to me as the years go by. It is really about friendship and what it means in a life. This is the third year I have been invited to submit to the Dinner at Eight show. The previous entries have both been accepted. I hope this one is. It is, by far, my favorite of the three. I sent the entry off this afternoon.

Have you seen this blog? I am enchanted by Mr. Finch's moths. I keep thinking about them and today made myself a moth.

I purposely did not go back to look at Mr. Finch's moths and made myself come up with my own design. Kind of hilariously chubby and awkward compared to his elegant creatures. Anyway, I kind of like my porky little moth and I got it out of my system.

Like the moth that urged me to make it, I found a recipe online that has been nagging me. Senegalese peanut soup. I made it for dinner tonight. Very, very delicious. Mmmm. Warm and flavorful and spicy. So satisfying.

The recipe can be found here.

All right then. I had a good Saturday, and have tasty, leftover soup for yet another day.


  1. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Dinner at Eight had better accept your entry. It's absolutely beautiful. I even like your chubby moth....a lot....and I don't like moths.

  2. I love this quilt Terry, the stitching around the hearts is si interesting.

  3. Why did you do that? Now, I want to make a moth. His are so delicate - really lovely.

  4. Your Valentine quilt is amazing! I can't think why it wouldn't be accepted. Your moth is cute too!

  5. I don;t want to make a moth -- I want one of Mr Finch's glass bottomed spiders! Wow, his work is lovely. Thanks for the link. :-)

    I like your Valentine ritual. The quilt and it's sentiment are wonderful. I submitted mine today. I sort of wonder if it will be accepted or not.

  6. "Friendship Rituals" is great - the quilting is a nice contrast to the curves of the hearts.
    What size is your porky moth?
    Mr. Finch's critters are fascinating, but a 10-12 inch spider is just too creepy for words. Acrophobes, beware! The barn owl could perch on my shelf anytime.
    Reading your Blog adds wonderfulness to my days - Thanks.

  7. I really like the heart piece and your stitching on it. How could they not accept it?

    I was wondering how you got the "please prove you're not a robot" box below in this comment suggestion in Blogger.

  8. I'm very impressed with Friendship Ritual - it is a great flowing design, so perfect in this long narrow format.

  9. Friendship Rituals is beautiful and so original. I love it.

  10. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Your Friendship Ritual quilt is lovely, as are the sentiments it expresses. Smiled at your chubby little moth. It might need a running start for take-off, but is charming. And thank you for showing us Mr Finch's website. How interesting!


  11. Your hearts are wonderful. I know you have been working on this for a while and it turned out just great.

  12. Beautiful quilt.

  13. I love your moth, it has personality. Also the heart wall hanging very nice.

  14. Hi Terry! I was searching for heart blocks and came across this beauty. Asusual, your work is fabulous :)