Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Harry the squirrel

Sorry I didn't frame this photo too well—chopped your ears off, Harry. You are a handsome, if irksome, creature. Nice of you, though, to sit back for a few minutes and let the birds have a turn at the bird feeder. Did you hear me? Bird feeder.


  1. Hi Terry,

    We have East coast squirrels in NC and they are as pesty and pesky as your own. We have recently discovered pepper laden pellets of bird food and pepper infused suet cakes. I mix a handful of the pellets with the regular food and hang a peppered suet cake beside a regular one. The squirrels so far are staying away! Hip, hip hooray!

  2. We have three squirrels that visit our bird feeders. One has a tuft of hair for his tail. He must have had some accident early in life. I sort of enjoy all their antics even though they eat a mint of money in bird food.

  3. I used to have squirrels in my bird feeder but I bought a feeder that is squirrel resistant and it works. The squirrels can't get at the food as their weight makes th cage drop down and the hole is covered with the cage. After a few times of them trying to get food they stop coming. I live in a wooded area and there are many squirrels but none in the feeder.