Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gotta get it together

So, the loft in the studio has been a mess since—forever. It has never not been a mess. When I moved all my stuff to the studio last fall everything that I did not know what to do with went to the loft. I have made a few feeble attempts at organizing and got it to this point. Sad, eh? That shelf unit sat unpainted for a couple of months. Getting it painted was progress.

It has been here for awhile. Today I spent a good two hours upstairs putting stuff in categories, then in containers, then on shelves. This is how it looks now.

I can see the difference, but I know to the untrained eye it still looks impossible. Really I am getting things done. I have those great storage spaces under the roof there and am trying to get most everything situated in that space, then I will hang fabric panels in front of it all. I have a vision. It will be neat and tidy and quite wonderful, actually. I just need to keep at it. Gah.

I keep finding things in all those bags and boxes and tubs. I found the little quilted banner from my long ago quilt shop, Scrap Peddlers of Ashland. I hung this at quilt shows where I was vending. It is quite faded, but I thought it needed a place of honor in the studio.

Chubby moth is hanging below it. Del asked about the size. This should give you an idea.


  1. I see your tissue box trash can... I use that idea all the time since I read it on your blog long long ago. In fact, our family has been quite sniffly over the past month and the only good thing about that is new empty tissue boxes for the studio table.

    Put on some good music or podcasts and just keep at it. I can tell you've made progress.

  2. You must have caught bug by the looks of your last two posts. Spring is definitely in the air. Don't get to carried away or you will make the rest of feel guilty for not trying to cure the cleaning and organization bug.

  3. I can tell a difference. Keep up the good work.