Saturday, March 03, 2012


I was planning a quiet day in the studio, then my friend, Paula called me. Our husbands had gone off, with Howard and friends, in search of the perfect burger. We were left to fend for ourselves. We decided to check out a very nice art show at the Southminster Presby church in Beaverton, then have a little lunch somewhere. The art show is a nice one, though I think I have become jaded. Lots of "nice" watercolors and what seemed like an inordinate amount of fused glass stuff, but still always good to see what people are doing. I was in the show a number of years ago and sold a couple pieces. I picked up the application for next year. Seems like the show is bigger and better. I am not in the market for big art but I couldn't resist this little bowl. Could you?

Then we had lunch at Cafe Yumm. Paula had not eaten there before It's an Oregon chain. Really good and different. Today was the first time I had been there on a Saturday. Holy smokes it was loud in there. Teenagers. Well, at least they were eating healthy stuff.

I scurried right out to the studio as soon as I got home. I have started work on my next 12 x 12 piece, which are now 12 x 20. The theme is "maps". Here's a little peek.  Can you figure out how this relates to maps?

I have been dividing my studio time this week between trying the organize the horror of the loft, where I just dumped everything from the old studio space, and doing some actual artwork downstairs. The loft is getting better. I am getting excited about the space now. Little by little it will get there, but I need to get rid of a ton of stuff.


  1. I would of grabbed that bowl too-love black birds and your quilt is wonderful!

  2. The bowl would have come home with me too! The quilt reminds me of galaxies. Have a beautiful day.

  3. I'm thinking star maps can't wait to see if I'm right.

  4. I thought stars and planets too, but the quilting lines also suggest topographic maps a little. Your little jaunt sounds fun!